Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Episode 13: Interview With the Co-Writer of Callahan!

On a very special episode of Drop the Pilot, I am joined by David Misch, the co-writer and producer of the subject of last week's episode, Callahan! David was kind enough to join me in a lively chat about how he got started in the business, the leads, the stunts and what he thinks works and doesn't work in the pilot. I would also like to thank John Pavlich for being my producer on this episode. Both of these gentlemen are individually "da man". Links to David's Youtube channel and to his books available on Amazon US are below. Oh, David worked on the script for Muppets Take Manhattan and is credited as a "special consultant". Since I foolishly forgot to mention that in the interview here is a photo of him and Kermit on the set.  

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Episode 12: Callahan. (1982)

My friend Tyso from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to talk about the goofy comedy pilot Callahan from 1982. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellis from Die Hard before he was Ellis from Die Hard. As a contrast to last week's episode, I actually like the pilot more than my guest does but that isn't actually difficult as Tysto hates this. I think he is being silly and not to be taken seriously, just like the pilot. In all seriousness, I don't think it is that bad... but it certainly does have problems. Next: A very special episode of Drop the Pilot...

Callahan on Youtube on the co-writer's channel.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Episode 11: B-Men (1989)

John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast joins me once again to discuss the actually rather enjoyable action comedy B-Men, written by Dave Thomas and directed by Steve Miner. John likes it slightly more than me but there are worse ways to spend your time. Like watching the Clerks pilot again. Nobody needs to do that. We talk about the music, the casting, the characters and my issues with how one is written. Like Evel Knievel, I love the score to this. Also, like Evel Knievel's kick ass theme, I have included the one to B-Men at the end of this podcast. Enjoy. Next episode, an early 80s pilot that surprisingly starred someone who was actually a movie star at the time...

B-Men on Youtube.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Episode 10: Clerks (1995)

Part-time Youtuber and Kevin Smith fan, Owen Ward joins me to discus the baffling Kevin Smith-less sit-com pilot Clerks from 1995. We talk about the cast, the "humour" and basically just ponder, why? Oh, spoilers, it is not very good but we have a fun chat about it, so we hope you enjoy. Bonus bit of trivia I forgot to mention on the podcast, the end credits song is Soul Asylum's Can't Even Tell from the movie. The Kevin Smith directed music video features the cast from the film and thankfully not from this thing. I've linked to it below. This podcast contains mild foul language as I describe characters as part of the male anatomy. A lot. Oh and I state that I worked in a video store in the 90s. Which is false, it was the early 2000s. Fake News! Next episode: a pilot based on an original premise. A novelty, that, on this podcast...
Clerks Pilot on Youtube (if you must)
Soul Asylum music video

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Episode 9: The Robinsons: Lost In Space (2004)


My buddy Tysto, from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to celebrate the release of a new Lost in Space show on Netflix. Which only one of us have actually watched. However, we did both watch a 2004 pilot directed by John Woo. We talk about how it compares to the original show (which Tysto has seen more of than me) and the 1998 film (which he hasn't seen, but I have), I say catcher's matt instead of mitt and we wonder just where the heck Dr. Smith is. The pilot is available on Youtube on only in 5 parts, which is a tad annoying, sorry.

Pilot on Youtube (part one)
Pilot on Youtube (part two)
Pilot on Youtube (part three)
Pilot on Youtube (part four)
Pilot on Youtube (part five)

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Episode 8: Lost in Oz (2002)

On this episode, I am joined again by my good friend John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast to discuss the 2002 WB pilot Lost in Oz starring Melissa George. The show is a sequel to the 1939 movie yet has characters from the books not in the film. Oh, and they also actually mention the film too in a weird plot point. We talk about Melissa George as an actress, not recognizing Mia Sara, my hatred for unnecessary dream sequences and why the show got cancelled. Hint: it was not because it is poo. Although, it kind of is. Next episode: A past guest joins me (shocker) to discuss the "gritty" reboot of a campy 60s series that was directed by one of Hong Kong cinema's legendary action directors. Lost in Oz on Dailymotion

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Episode 7: Tag Team (1991)

Professional magician and wrestling fan Leigh Milne joins me to chat about the actually not bad action comedy drama pilot Tag Team. It stars Jesse Ventura and Roddy Piper as disgraced wrestlers who decide to become police officers. We talk about the likability of the stars, why the show was cancelled and ponder what happened to the dogs. Warning: contains not one but TWO genuine Scottish accents. We try our very best to reign them in. Oh and this episode was plagued by audio problems. I have fixed them but there may still be a rustling sound on occasion as Leigh was using his phone to talk to me.

Leigh's Twitter
Tag Team on Youtube (with original commercials)

Bonus gifs-

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Episode 6: Evel Knievel (1974)

Screen grab colour corrected by Tysto

My pal Tysto from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to chat about the 1974 unsold pilot based on the 1971 movie based on the life of stunt performer extraordinaire Evel Knievel. A young Sam Elliott stars and we discuss the lack of anything really happening, the badass theme tune and what the show could have been if it had continued. Cancelled after a few episodes, probably. Enjoy!

Evel Knievel Pilot on Youtube
Evel Knievel 1971 movie on Youtube

Drop the Pilot Podcast on iTunes

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Wish Last Part Deux: 90s-Present

Oh No, Not THEM! (1990)

The Holy Grail of unsold pilots. This is the US version of classic British show The Young Ones but instead of 4 students, it only has 3 and sees Nigel Planer return as Neil. Nothing exists of this online apart from an opening sequence. There are no other clips or even photos but I want to see it so bad. It also has Jackie Earle Haley in it.

The Bakery (1990)
A pilot that follows a police precinct located in an abandoned bakery though three different time periods, the 60s, the 90s and 2000. The show would concentrate on race relations, obviously with the 60s but by 2000, white people are a minority group in L.A.

NYPD Mounted (1991)
A few years before NYPD Blue, Dennis Franz starred in this as a grumpy New York cop who is transferred to the Mounted Police. It's funny because he can't ride a horse!

K-9000 (1991)

From the writer of Die Hard, this feature length pilot tells the tale of a cop who teams up with a scientist and a dog that has a computer in its head. The cop also gets a microchip in his head in order to communicate with the dog. I remember this being released on VHS back in the day and seeing trailers for it on other releases. I have no memory having actually seen the full pilot, however.

Just Deserts (1992)
The pilot that mis-spells "desserts", this is about a demon that looks like Joel Grey who runs a hotel. The show would be an anthology type show in which certain guests would get their comeuppance for whatever reason. The pilot saw a sexist man wake up to discover that he has become a woman himself.

LAX 2194 (1994)

Or "The One That Almost Cost Matthew Perry His Role On Friends. This show is set in the future and stars Ryan Stiles as a weird accented robot. Directed by the Russo brothers who directed Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Keys (1994)
A few years before they starred in CSI together, Marge Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan appeared in this. It tells the tale of a female investigator who returns home when a crime against a family reflects something that happened to her in the past.

The Prosecutors (1996)
The lives of three female prosecutors including one in a wheelchair played by Stockard Channing. From the clips I saw, Channing's character is pretty un-PC, which is probably why the show didn't get picked up. And why I want to see it.

Gotham (2012)
Fantasy show in which a female cop finds a magical world within New York. Don't know much about it but I do wonder what would have happened with the Batman origins show that would appear two years later.

The Vatican (2013)
Ridley Scott directed pliot that would have aired on Showtime. It follows Kyle Chandler as a progressive Cardinal from New York. Controversial before it was even shot, this was ditched and never aired.

Beverly Hills Cop (2013)

Another highly sought after pilot for me. This follows the son of Axel Foley who, to try to get out of the shadow of his dad in Detroit, transfers to Beverly Hills. Because, obviously that makes sense. Includes a cameo by Eddie Murphy and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. I can only find behind the scenes photos of this thing (like the one above) but I want to see it, big time.

There are surely more and I am discovering new unsold pilots all the time so another part of this wish list may appear at some point.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Wish List Part One: 70s/80s

A list of pilots that I just can't find anywhere but would really like to cover.

Fuzz Brothers (1973)

Louis Gossett Jr. and Felton Perry play police officer brothers who fight crime in a run down section of Los Angeles. Gossett Jr. actually has hair in this. HAIR!

The Orphan and the Dude (1975)

An odd couple, one black (Art Evens), the other white (Oliver Clark) share an apartment in L.A in this sit-com. Directed by James Frawly who went on to direct The Muppet Movie (1979)

The Ultimate Impostor (1979)
A spy has his memory wiped clean by the enemy so his boss puts him forward for an experiment in which information can be uploaded to his brain. This makes him learn absolutely anything in 11 minutes although he can only keep the info for 72 hours.

The Orson Welles Show (1979)

Talk show hosted by the screen legend where he interviews Burt Reynolds and the show has taped segments starring The Muppets. I have to see this. I mean, come on, now!

A Dog's Life (1979)

From the creator of All in the Family and The Jeffersons, this sitcom told life through a dog's perspective. And yes, as you can see from the photo, it does have grown up human beings dressed as canines to play the lead characters.

Ethel is an Elephant (1980) 
A sit-com in which a photographer shares his home with an abandoned cirus elephant. No, the elephant doesn't talk. This pilot was directed by John "Gomez Adams/father of Sean" Astin.

Ghost of a Chance (1980)
Shelley Long stars in this sit-com as a newlywed who gets visited by the ghost of her dead ex-husband.

Wishman (1983)
A drama in which a Doctor working in a lab decides to free a genetic experiment and take it home much to the chagrin of his wife, played by Linda Hamilton. I mean, look at that thing above, that is supposed to cute, it is terrifying. Also directed by James Frawley, this time after The Muppet Movie so he has no excuse.

Jake's Journey (1988)
Monty Python's Graham Chapman created, co-wrote and stars in this family comedy in which a modern day teenager is transported to an odd medieval past and is helped by a knight. This was the last role for Chapman and the last directorial project by Hal Ashby. They died in 1989 and 1988 respectively. The cast is full of UK talent like Rik Mayall, Peter Cook, Alexi Sayle, Griff Rhys Jones, Tony Slattery and Gabrielle Anwar.

Tarzan In Manhattan (1989)

Tarzan travels to New York to save his captured friend, Cheetah where he meets Jane, a cab driver. The star, Joe Lara also starred as Tarzan in an unrelated TV series in 1996. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Episode 5: Fearless (2004)

John Pavlich returns to chat about the not entirely awful proposed WB series from 2004, Fearless. Based on the book series by the writer of Sweet Valley High this action drama tells the story of an FBI agent who doesn't have the fear gene. We talk about the cast, the coolness of the actual concept and how they are doing it wrong and contemplate why the show was pulled. You see, it was actually advertised on TV and on DVD releases of other shows (Smallville), had an actual day it was supposed to air and genuine cast photos like the one above. Better than the snapshots from VHS rips, like other shows I've covered, eh? Don't worry, that will return next time.....

Oh, by the way, on top of the many things I probably get wrong in this episode, the most important one is me stating that the show is based on the spin-off of the books. Those books, Fearless FBI do exist but were published after this show would have aired, so they may actually have been more of a tie-in. Oopsie.

Fearless on Youtube

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Episode 4: Alligator Point (2003)

Tysto from Tysto Commentaries joins me again to discuss the show Nathan Fillion did for pilot season right after Firefly's untimely cancellation. We talk about the cast, the unfunny dialogue and the second attempt at the pilot six years later.We also discuss "will they, won't they" plots in shows such as Castle, Cheers and Moonlighting and small tangents spawn from that.  Tysto likes this more than me but we both think it is nobody's loss that it didn't get picked up. Apologies for the dodgy sound on this episode, hopefully it will be fixed for next time.  The next episode of Drop the Pilot will shockingly not be a sit-com so stay tuned......

Tysto's Site
Tysto's Twitter
Alligator Point on Youtube

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Episode 3: Red Dwarf USA (1992)

Martin Lejeune and Owen Ward from the Extended Edition podcast join me to discuss the two attempts at bringing classic British sit-com Red Dwarf to the US. We talk about the odd casting of Lister, the perils of adapting an existing show but not changing much and wonder if Rimmer is supposed to actually be a character in this or not.
Martin's Twitter
Owen's Twitter
Extended Edition Site

Red Dwarf USA
Red Dwarf USA (different edit)
Red Dwarf USA Second Pilot

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Episode 2: Coming to America (1989)

Eddie Murphy produces but smartly does not appear in this pilot that aired a year after the film was released. Join Tysto from Tysto Commentaries and myself as we talk about this bafflingly unfunny show. We discuss the comedy stylings of star Tommy Davidson, the now dated pop culture references and Tysto helpfully keeps telling me what other projects the cast members have done before and since. I'm still new at this, after all. Also, I decide to say what the remit of this podcast is. In the second episode.

Tysto Commentaries
Tysto's Twitter
Coming to America Pilot on Youtube