Saturday, 10 February 2018

Episode Three: Red Dwarf USA (1992)

Martin Lejeune and Owen Ward from the Extended Edition podcast join me to discuss the two attempts at bringing classic British sit-com Red Dwarf to the US. We talk about the odd casting of Lister, the perils of adapting an existing show but not changing much and wonder if Rimmer is supposed to actually be a character in this or not.

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Red Dwarf USA
Red Dwarf USA (different edit)
Red Dwarf USA Second Pilot

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Episode Two: Coming to America (1989)

Eddie Murphy produces but smartly does not appear in this pilot that aired a year after the film was released. Join Tysto from Tysto Commentaries and myself as we talk about this bafflingly unfunny show. We discuss the comedy stylings of star Tommy Davidson, the now dated pop culture references and Tysto helpfully keeps telling me what other projects the cast members have done before and since. I'm still new at this, after all. Also, I decide to say what the remit of this podcast is. In the second episode.

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Coming to America Pilot on Youtube

Friday, 26 January 2018

Episode One: Revenge of the Nerds (1991)

Join me and John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs Podcast as we dive into the murky world of sitcoms based on hit movies. We discuss just how baffling this pilot is and ponder who is it aimed at while John is a lot kinder than I am on certain cast members. We both agree that Robbie Rist was absolutely the wrong choice for Booger, though, spoilers. To view the pilot on Youtube, see the link below.

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Revenge of the Nerds on Youtube

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Howdy, all, my name is Jimmy Brown and for as a long as I knew about "pilot season" I had been fascinated by it. Having been a guest on a few wonderful podcasts, I thought I would start one of my own and I knew I could ask the friends I have made online to guest in it. I went with unsold or unaired pilots as a theme for three simple reasons. One, there wasn't another like it that I could find, two, there is a lot of pilots available to view online and three and possibly most importantly, I really wanted to. I will be covering pilots based on movies, stage plays, games, shows from other countries etc as well as original ones that were just not deemed good enough to become a series. There will be sit-coms, dramas, action shows and even animation, pilots of normal length and feature length. So, please, join me, won't you, on a (possibly) fortnightly journey into the unknown as a group of opinionated TV lovers/fans/casual watchers delve into the murky world of television pilots that were never given a chance. Well, I say that but some actually aired but were burned off in the Summer in the US so they still count! The first episode will be released on Saturday 27th January 2018 with an episode I recorded with the awesome John Pavlich about a 1991 sit-com remake/reboot/mess of a 1984 hit comedy film.

That was my old Header before I discovered Paint 3D. The old one didn't feature an alien and his cat, therefore it got replaced.